J-Integra - JDeveloper and ADF

JDev Team,
I have read daily feature article regarding J-Integra extension for JDeveloper.
I was wondering is J-Integra already integrated within Oracle9i JDeveloper (9.0.2)
or is it going to be the new feature of next release (9.0.3)? Thanks.

JDev Team,
I have read daily feature article regarding J-Integra extension for JDeveloper.
I was wondering is J-Integra already integrated within Oracle9i JDeveloper (9.0.2)
or is it going to be the new feature of next release (9.0.3)? Thanks.There is a link to JIntegra at the JDeveloper Extension Exchange at
It should be for 9.0.2
Hope this helps,

Just to clarify one point, This is not an Oracle Feature/Product its a product of an independent vendor who integrates with Oracle9i JDeveloper's IDE through the Extension SDK.
More examples are on the extension exchange page at:


How to setup Jdeveloper with PVCS

Do you know how I can intergrate JDEV with PVCS Source control software.
I searched from OTN but only found a guideline for JDEV 2.0.
Are there any ready Addin/extions for Jdeveloper 9i (9.0.2.xxxx)
Many thanks,
Thanh Doan

JDeveloper support for deploying JAX-RPC Webservices

The latest preview of the OC4J product (version 10.0.3) supports JAX-RPC 1.1. Will JDeveloper10g (production) have the ability to work with this standard as well? I'm primarily thinking of stuff like the WSDL and other generators.
Hi Jan,
We will be adding an extension to the OTN JDeveloper Extension Exchange very soon. This extension will work with the Oracle JDeveloper 10g Preview available on OTN and uses OC4J 10.0.3
It will allow you to generate JAX-RPC services with a choice of encoding types (Doc/Literal, RPC/Literal, RPC/Encoded)
Susan Duncan
JDeveloper Web Services Team 
Does all of this follow JAX-RPC specs. More specifically, stuff like JAX-RPC with attachments and Holder classes for inout, out support?
Hi Jan,
Not through JDeveloper in this first preview.
Let me rephrase my question:
When will JDeveloper support "productivity with choice" for the ---complete--- JAX-RPC specification?
A production release of JDeveloper with full support for JAX-RPC is scheduled to coincide with OC4J's first production release with full JAX-RPC support
Dear Susan,
Has it been since then possible to develop support for XXXHolder classes? Perhaps, there is a pre-release version with such a support?

10.1.3 won't support OracleSCM?

I cannot find the description about supporting Oracle SCM as 10.1.3's source control:
10.1.3 won't support OracleSCM? 
Hi. Please see the Oracle SCM Statement of Direction here:
This document describes the plans for version control systems support in JDeveloper, and specifically how it relates to Oracle SCM.
-- Brian
Then, why "OracleSCM" is not in the folllowing features list?
Please clarify more.
My confusion is caused because the SCM SOD says ClearCase support is provided as downloadable extension but it seems to be already in 10.1.3 preview.
OracleSCM support is default for 10.1.3 prod, or only downloadable? 
We will be releasing an Oracle SCM extension with the production version of JDeveloper 10.1.3. Whether we include more VCS extensions (ClearCase, Perforce, etc) as part of the initial JDeveloper download or via the improved "Check for Updates" feature is still under discussion.
The most likely scenario right now is that only CVS support would be part of the initial download of JDeveloper 10.1.3 production, and all other supported VCS would be available from Help > Check for Updates. (Subject to change).
-- Brian

Raptor vs JDeveloper

What's the effect on future JDeveloper versions on the introduction of Raptor announced at Oracle OpenWorld?
Will all database design and editing functionality, as well as plsql debugging be moved to Raptor?
I notice that Raptor uses the same interface as JDev and I'm guessing it's using the same code base? Is it possible we'll see different versions of JDev in the future with Raptor included and excluded?
Chris, the benefit of buildling Raptor on the JDeveloper foundation is twofold:
1. The Raptor team can leverage existing the core JDeveloper IDE shell and any relevant JDeveloper extensions that add value for database developers before they start writing their own new extension to add additional funtionality for database developers.
2. The JDeveloper team can later leverage any new extensions the Raptor team builds in a future version of JDeveloper.
The key distinction is that Raptor targets a developer who is only working with the database and nothing else. Think of it as an Oracle version of a database tool like TOAD.
That same functionality would then be easy to incorporate into the next release of the full JDeveloper Studio IDE that supports database development in addition to the full J2EE development lifecycle. 
Thanks Steve. Please see my followup post regards JDeveloper IDE "Studio".
JDeveloper 10.1.3 - JDeveloper Studio? 
What's Raptor ?
Is it a new product or it will be included in some existing product ?
Where can I find information about it ?
Revealed at Oracle OpenWorld. Mentioned on a number of Oracle Blogs today including:
I can't find any official word on Oracle's websites so I'm guessing we'll hear more after OOW completes.

jDeveloper 10.1.3 and Oracle SCM

as we are currently using Oracle SCM as source control system,
I would like to know:
Are there any plans for a jDeveloper 10.1.3 extension to support this,
or will we have to start using CVS when we upgrade to jDeveloper 10.1.3?
From earlier SOD I've got the impression that it shold be possible for existing Oracle SCM users to continue to use the product.
regards, Trond Rønneberg 
I would recommend that you take a look at cvs. We are also developing a extension for subversion which will be released soon and be available for JDeveloper 10.1.3