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What is OC4J's support of applets?
Can I deploy my applets in OC4J? If so, where do the classes, html files go ?

Hi Danny,
I may be misinterpreting your question, but if you are asking about
applet clients for J2EE applications deployed to OC4J, this has been
discussed several times on this forum. I suggest you search the forum
archives (for "applet" and "client", perhaps).
Hope this helps you.
Good Luck,


Deploy JBuilder pages on Oracle 9iAS

We are using Oracle 9iAS.
The pages are designed in JSP as well as using JBuilder.
How to deploy the pages created using JBuilder on Oracle 9iAS.
Thanks in advance
Shiju Joy 
Hi again Shiju,
This is probably a silly question, I'm sure, but I assume you have looked
at the documentation available at Oracle's Technet website?
There is a PDF document -- available for download -- entitled
"OC4J Primer - JSP Preview v1.0.2.2". It is basically a step-by-step
tutorial on how to create, deploy and execute a J2EE application using
JSPs and EJBs.
Or have I completely misunderstood your question?
Good Luck,
There is a plugin available for JBuilder to deploy applications directly from JBuilder to Oc4J. Please follow the link from page for your version of JBuilder.


question... where do the supporting classes need to be placed...
I am trying to port a web app that I currently have running on Tomcat to the Apache web server included with 9ias... I tried just copying it over but that didn't work now I am attempting to bring over the app piece by piece...
basically I don't know where the jars belong
any insight would be greatly appreciated
is there any documentation available on this subject... I've searched but haven't found anything useful...
Amit -- I assume since you said Tomcat you are using servlets or JSPs. In general you might want to ask J2EE
questions on the J2EE forum at:
A number of your questions may also have been answered on that forum so I recommend that you search there first.
As for documentation, I don't believe there is a specific document on moving an application from Tomcat but you can
look at the Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE documentation at: (Production) (Developer Preview)
Thanks -- Jeff

Can OC4J work with Java 1.4

We are developing a project using EJB and OC4J. But we have use some new things from Java 1.4.0. We know that OC4J support Java 1.3. Can we update the jave virtual machine the OC4J uses? How?
Thanks a lot.
Hi xiaoyun,
This question has been previously discussed several times on this
forum. When I searched the forum archives for "1.4", I got lots
of results. Perhaps one (or more) of them will help you?
Good Luck,

How call another EJB method of another EAR in a EJB method?

How call another EJB method of another EAR in a EJB method?
Hi Lijun,
Your question has been asked (and answered) several times already in this
forum. Have you tried searching the archives?
If you have separate EAR files, then I assume each EAR file is really a
separate application, so you are asking how EJBs from different applications
(both deployed to OC4J) can communicate, correct? If so, then the following
technical "tip" (from Oracle's "Technet" web site) may be useful:
Hope this has helped you.
Good Luck,

J2EE Client Application modules in OC4J

Does anyone know of examples showing j2ee client application in OC4J?
Lots of docs refer to the third type of module in J2EE but I can't find any examples showing how
to use these modules.
Specifically how do I call an application from the command line? Is that what java -jar admin.jar -application is for?
Hi Sandy,
If I understand you correctly, then you are asking how to make
a stand-alone java client, right? According to the J2EE spec, a
stand-alone java client also needs to be deployed to a container.
A long time ago (before OC4J, when there was only OrionServer)
I struggled for about a week before finally figuring out how to
do this.
However, I then discovered that, with OrionServer (and therefore
also with OC4J), your stand-alone java client does not have
to be deployed to a container and can be launched from the command
line with the "java" command.
If you do want to deploy your java client, then the only way
I know to launch it is by using the "applicationlauncher.jar"
file. This file was part of the first OC4J (version
It disappeared in the next version (9.0.2) and now has reappeared
in the latest version (9.0.3) -- go figure! Like I said, by the
time I started using OC4J, I was only using non-deployed clients,
so I had no need for "applicationlauncher.jar", so the fact it
was missing from version 9.0.2 didn't affect me.
In any case, I recall information on how to use the "applicationlauncher.jar"
file on the following web sites:
I also recall answering similar questions several times previously
on this forum, so a search of the forum archives may also help.
I hope I have correctly interpreted your question and given you
a helpful answer.
Good Luck,
Hi Avi
I also recall answering similar questions several times previously
on this forum, so a search of the forum archives may also help.You're quite right - now I've got the right keywords I've found your
very useful posts.
I hope I have correctly interpreted your question and given you
a helpful answer.[snip]
Your answer is spot on and very helpful indeed.
Thanks very much