Datatag problems - JDeveloper and ADF

Jdeveloper 3.2.3 - windows 2000
Oracle 8.1.7
I have used the Data Page Wizards to create a query, edit and insert forms.
The forms are generated using the jbo: datatags. I would like to implement the following:
1. Query submit screen(hitlist)
Currently, the hitlist displays all the records in the rowset as stipulated by the RowSetIterate datatag. I need the hitlist to be a repeating page of 25 records, with links to navigate to first, next, previous, last. The left most field in the hitlist would be a hyperlink to a detail page.
I would like to implement the solution using the datatags as opposed to data webbeans.
Any information on how to manipulate any of the datatags required is appreciated.


JSP, DataTags, EditPanel: Using Data Tags w/ Beans

I used the JSP application wizard to create an application based on an underlying BC4J application. I customized the EditPanel.jsp file with Data Tags so that I could customize the layout. However when I navigate to the new panel the form edits the first row in the database and not the one that I was viewing in the browser. I have read the HOWTO on using the RowKey parameter, but don't know how to pass this from the application the wizard created. Is this possible? I would like to keep the existing functionality that the wizard created, but would like to have custom forms for editing and insertion. 
just use for your data web bean rowsetbrowser the addTextUrlColumn to specify the url to be accessed when clicking on this link, by this a rowkey is passed to the called url.
You should learn about using row keys. The following posting should help:

Jdeveloper 10g JSP Automatic Reload / Refresh

I have an application developed with Jdeveloper 10g, usign struts and web technologies. I have the jsp page (table) listing all data in a tabular format. I would like to reload the data, which cannot be done with the browser refresh button as it doesn't load it again from the database. In the struts page, I have a jsp page and one DataAction. Is there a way to implement this approach.
Any clues or docs to read in this direction is highly appreciate.
I am trying to do the same thing, did you ever find out how to do it?
I have a table that is being generated from a standard find query and and then I can edit and view the records that match the query but when I have finished viewing them I cannot seem to clear the query and see all of the records again.
Please can someone help me to achieve this.
Many thanks,
Ben Sayers 
I managed to develop some functionality similar to what you both describe for a system that I have previously developed.
auto refresh a jsp page after x seconds
add a meta data refresh tag to the top of the jsp page that will automatically recall the servlet after x number of seconds. e.g.
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url="> display a processing page whilst a query is being executed
from the submit button of a page, display a processing graphic on a page until the query has finished and then display the results page.
As with most things in Java this can be done many ways; I implemented this a couple of ways;
a) display the processing page when the submit button is pressed and then when the servlet has finished executing get it to post the results to another page
b) use a java bean that the servlet updates when the query has been completed so that the processing page knows to forward on to the results page
I hope this is of some use to you.

form to insert data into oracle database?

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie to JDeveloper, an I have 10g version of it. What I need to get done is to create a small form(html/jsp - with all components - radio,dropdown, combo boxes...) to get input from users and when they press submit, it should got to a table in the oracle database. The server that I am using is apache/tomcat.
I appreciate if anyone of you can direct me to any tutorial that oracle has or any other ones.
Thank you
1. Create a JSF JSP page.
2. Add the OutputLable, InputText, CommandButtton components to the JSF page.
3. In the CommandButton action method retrieve the values from the input text fields and set in the database.

ADF : How to clear the cache when switching from one JSP to another

I am new to ADF and to get my hands on the new technology i created a sample application. I am using JDeveloper 10.1.3 and i have used JSF UI components in my JSP page.
The application that i have developed is something like this. I have a Main page from which i navigate to child pages ( i have used JSF navigation tools for this). the sub pages are browse customers ( ADF Read only table) and search customers (ADF search form). Now when i browse the customers i am able to view all the customer details. when i navigate to search page and search for a particular customer and then go back to browse customers i can view only one customer details that i just searched. it doesn't show me the records of all the customers.
I want to know how i can achieve the desired functionality in which when i go back to the main page from the search page i get to see all the customer records and not only the one that i just searched. Do i need to use managed beans to restrict the scope only to search request? if yes then how can i do this? Please suggest alternative suggestions as well.
This looks like a browser problem. Try pressing CTRL+F5 in your browser. This key combination clears cache in the majority of navigators. 
thanks for the response. I tried refreshing the page but it doesn't look like a browser issue. its liek a rowset is selected and that is getting used for all the pages.

How to create insert only view object using JDeveloper ADF

I developed a JSF web page according to the following tutorial, Develop RIA Web Applications with Oracle ADF,
As soon as the page loads it queries the base table and allows me to update that record. However I don't want this behaviour. I want the fields to be blank so that I can do inserts only. I tried changing the No Rows (i.e. used only for inserting new rows) property under the Tuning set of properties of the base table view object but what this does when I rerun the page is leaves the field headings but the actual fields are no longer there for me to type into them. I'm using Oracle JDeveloper 11g version 
This sample should help 
You need to invoke the Create or CreateInsert operation before you load the page.
The easiest way to do this would be to drag the create method for the view your are working on to the adfc-config file and have it before you navigate to the JSF page.
A bit more reading material on this: