InputSelect, InputSelectGroup datatags not working - JDeveloper and ADF

- I'm developing a JSP application using the datatags, etc.
- I've created a ViewObject ClientView.
- I've created an update page ClientView_Edit.jsp and
I've implemented datatags(InputSelect and InputSelectGroup) on
two fields. I created the individual datasources for the LOVs on
these two fields.
My problem is that when I modify the values of the respective
fields in the update form using the drop-down and radio group,
press submit, I get a success message that the information was
posted and comitted. However, when I go back to the update form,
the values have not changed.
The text entry fields work fine.
The only thing I have done to the underlying Entity object is
that I implemented the HOWTO that describes pre-populating the
primary key which is based on an oracle sequence.


JSP Single Page Table Edits

I am working on a project in which the client wants to make changes to an HTML table of values without going back and forth to an edit page (as provided by the wizard).
So in my case I would present a list of items to update in an HTML TABLE, which is part of a FORM. Each item or row of the table would have the current value in an INPUT control. The user would enter a new value for each of the items and click on SUBMIT. The FORM submit action is the same page. The values would then be saved to the database. The number of rows or items in the table can vary, so it is dynamic. Also the client wants only 1 submit button, so using the EDIT BC4J component in the native form won't work as it creates a separate form for each row.
I have done this sort of thing only using traditional JSP and HTML. However, I am trying to use BC4J and the associated tag library. Could you please provide an example of doing this?
In the ways that I tried to do this, I have been successful in displaying the table and the edit boxes. However, I have not been able to get the values off the HTTP request and save the values.
Thanks for your help.

syncing multiple struts selects

Using Jdev
This is a MVC Model 2 web app using struts & ADF BC
I have a struts form which contains 2 selects (refered to as Navigation Lists ADF), a parent (a list of Catalogs for a customer) and a child (a list of categories for a catalog). The form also has other text fields on it that the user can modify. The purpose of this form is to allow a user to modify an item's details as shown in this
I need to have the select lists stay in sync when the user changes one, the other should sync to reflect the correct contents. For example, when the form loads, the catalog is displayed in the catalog select for the item that the user is editing and the corresponding categories for that catalog show up in the second select box. If the user needs to change the catalog for an item, we would want the corresponding categories for that catalog to show up in the second select.
Herein lies the problem. If we want to keep all of the form fields together on one form, then we can't get the form to submit just for the purpose of changing the selects based on the user changing the catalog. We thought about breaking up the form and have the catalog/categories as a separate step in a several step wizard, but we would like to keep it all together if we can.
We can't embed one form inside another form, so we are left with trying to have the form refresh with the correct catalog selection and it's corresponding categories without actually submitting the data form.
Can anyone suggest an approach to this?
We would also like to know how to set which record (Catalog) the first select should display by the primary key and not the index. This would be needed when a user selects the item code in the previous page, we would want to display the correct catalog in the first select on the edit form.
We know how to do this in a normal html select, how would this be done in a struts select?
By the way, the data for the catalog and categories selects is coming from 2 VOs that have a view link between them (CatalogVO and CatagoryVO) 
What is the relationship in your screen shot between the "Retailer Catalog" text field (showing value of "1") and the drop-down next to it?
Same question for the "Retailer Catalog Category" text field and drop-down list.
Is the intent that a user who remembers the codes would type them in by hand numerically, or else they can pick them from the list next to the field and see the corresponding numerical equivalent value of what they picked in the list reflected back in the text field to the left? 
My developer just put the text box there to render the value before she actually dropped the select onto the page. The form would only have the select, not the text box (for both the catalog and the categories).
Sorry for the confusion. 
Les, Try the following:
It's a workspace that uses the standard HT schema through a connection hr_conn.
I have one page which uses a combination of a ADF Tree Binding to the master detail data for the lists and a bunch of dynamically generated JavaScript which means that the contents of the child list can be changed based on the selection of the master list without submitting the form.
I's a rough sample and not fully integrated yet but it shows the principle of how we can use a tree binding to get all of this master detail information and cache it in the page.
I'll write up a proper article explaining the steps as soon as I have an opportunity.
Hope that helps. 
Thanks Duncan, we got it to work with your code.

different values of the FKLOVT preference

Hello everybody!
I am working with Designer to generate forms,
In mu module, I have 2 modules components,
the 2 modules uses the same lookup tables....
for one of them, I use a lov form to display lovs
and for the other, I don't need using a lov form
but only a default lov.
My problem is :
when setting the preference FKLOVT to B in order tu use
a lov form for in the first module component,
the same preference is copied automaticaaly to all
module components of my module....
it seems that we can not use different values
of this preference on the same module !!!!
or I am wrong ??
thus, all modules components using the same lookup
table will use the lov form, but I don't want use
this form for all module components!!
Any help please!

Rendering and Persistence

I have implemented a creation form based on one view object. I have realized that some input fields only render if you click on a certain button.
My problem is, that only those prompted values are transfered to the database where the appropriate input fields were loaded at the beginning.
The values inserted in the input fields which are only rendered by clicking a button are not transfered.
I am working with JDev Vers. 10 and ADF BC
Thanks in advance 
Not enough information to get you help here.
What is the difference between the two types of fields? what's unique about the fields that need button actions to become enabled? 
Actually, there is no differnce between the two groups of fields. I will give you an example to make it coherent.
I have a view object person with the following attributes: name, last name, phone number, job and hobby.
Now I have created a creation form based on this view object.
The input fields for the attributes job and hobby should only be rendered, if a button named "further particulars" will be clicked.
Because of this I've created a managed bean with a state variable which is set to true if the button is clicked.
The rendered property of the attributes job and hobby is set to #{BEAN_ONE.state==true}
Starting the page:
If I start the page the input fields for the attributes name, last name and phone number are rendered and values could be filled in.
Then I click the button "further particulars" and the input fields for hobby and job are rendered.
After I filled in the values to all input fields and clicked the commit button, only the values of name, last name and phone are committed to the database. 
Well in your scenario I think you should use visible property to just hide the initially not required fields.
Also there are components like showDetailHeader in which you can put these additional text boxes. They will then appear wrapped in a expand/collapse +/- layout.
As I know, the visible property is only available in the version 11. I am using 10g. Sorry, that I forgot to mention that.
I think it has something to do with the creation operation. Probably the data object is just created for those attributes which are rendered when the page is loaded at first time.

[JSF]How to update each tabs from a form after a submit

I've a form that contains many showOneTabs components.
When I submit that form, the only updated tab is the one which were currently selected when I performed a submit. The other tabs can't be updated while I've modified some fields.
Does the attribute 'partialTrigger' may resolve my problem? 
I've forgotten to precise that I use Oracle ADF Components