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We are on an important task of migrating our Production database
from Oracle 8i(817) on Win2000(Dell Power Edge)to Oracle 8i(817)
on HP-UX(HP9000).
Can anyone please give some useful links to white papers and
docs where there is info about the above migration.

Dear Thiru,
Unfortunately the Oracle8i Migration utility cannot migrate a
database to a different operating system!! Did you try
Export/Import? You need to ftp the files in binary mode!
As you are on production system, you should test the procedure
few times before migrating the DB. Also you should take a CLEAN
COLD FULL BACKUP of the production database. As you are on
production, I'm sure you are aware of all these...
Best :)

Dear Banerjee. Thanks for your reply.
I an Oracle Developer and not a DBA. I am assisting the DBA in
migration. We plan to do an Export and Import. As we will be
making a clean install of Oracle 817 on HP-UX we need some info
like naming standards for tablespaces,data files,distribution of
differnet files on differnt disks etc.etc
Any suggestion will be helpful.


Oracle 8i Data Migration to Oracle 10g

I have the two Applications one running in Oracle 8i Database and another Running in Oracle 10g Database, i want to import the data from 8i to 10g on daily basis whether it is possible ? if possible how.
Yes it's quite possible.Just take an export dump using 8i export utility and imort it using 10g import utility. 
Yes Definitely, by exp/imp.take a user level exp on 8i and imports into 10g.
Kuljeet Pal Singh 
We have an 8i db and want to migrate it to a 10g. We can do a export/import to get the data over, but will the stored procs., triggers, and index move over as well? How can we move those things? 
PL/SQL objects also get exported while export.
Daljit Singh 
Is there another option apart from export an import. We run a high transaction 24/7 database currently on 8i. With minimal downtime what will be my best option to migrate to 10g.
Is there a utility from oracle, like a log reader, which reads the transaction logs from 8i so we don't loose on any transactions during the migration process.
Current Sinerio:
Oracle 8i on Win2K - In production 24/7
Oracle 10g RAC on SLES10 - New
Oracle 10g is up and running, and the data from 8i is imported into 10g using (exp/imp). I just want to get the latest data from 8i to 10g server.
Any ideas?
Check my answer in your Migrating from Oracle 8i to 10g
... and in Migration from 8i to 10g RAC (or more ?) dup thread :-)<br>
Nicolas: I am sorry about the multiple posts. I wasn't aware i'd get this quick responce. Thank you for your help. 
No problem, but it would more simple to follow without duplicate thread.
Good luck in your upgrade,
PS : in 11g, upgrade will able to run without downtime... we all need to be patient ;-) 
Yes, good luck on your upgrade.
And double your luck, if you decide to try logminer for no downtime upgrade.
I'm really not sure if it's worth the trouble.

Database Migration

Hi all,
We have a database running in Oracle 9i on Linux platform . We are planning very shortly to migrate to Oracle 10g. Since I am the only DBA working here in my company,so i have to do all the migration. So could anyone provide me with some valuable suggestions or some material on Database Migration to 10g.Also if anyone has got some good document on the same kindly send it to my id yadav4u2#gmail.com.Any help would be really appreciable. 
I have done this kind of migration few days back . In our case we simply exported it from 9i and imported it to 10g without any extra effort, and it is working . 
Hi Rama Shankar,
Thanks for your instant reply.Actually what I was scared was that I might get invalid objects error while importing database in oracle 10g. Anyways could you kindly send me a document on the same or can let me know what r the prerequiste steps needed to be performed before export or import so that i might propose this solution to my boss. and if you have got some document on other option of migration then kindly share that one also.Thanks. 
Yes, there are couple of ways and also depends on the size of your database.
1. If you plan to install the 10g on the same server where 9i is running and server has enough space, I would recommend you to install 10g software in a different home and migrate either manually or using database migration assistant.
2. You can also use export/import for the same.
The important factor is the size of your database and the downtime you can afford.
Hi Jaffar,
Thanks for your instant reply. We have a 250 MB database in oracle and the downtime won't be any kind of problem as we can take it to the maximum. Also I have to do the migration manually.And as recommended by you I would install 10g in a diff. home . So could you provide some good document on the same either import/export or manually migration. Also let me know what r the prerequisite activities for the migration.Thanks. 
250 MB is very less data. You can go ahed with exp/import as well.
Oracle upgrade manual is very handy.
Dear Yadav
will you have both 9i and 10g in a single server or separately??
- Phani. 
Dear Phani,
we would have 10g database in a single server which would contain all the data of the previous 9i database on the same server.Thanks. 
just use imp/exp . I dont think you will face any problem . 
I have migrated from Oracle 9.2 i from Unix AIX to Windows 2000 server , by getting export file from source database in build the same structure of Tablespaces on from Unix into Windows but you have to take care of character set you have on the source to be same on the Target database and simply do import using same owner or as system . all the best

migration of oracle system of 8i to 10 g

I need to migrate Oracle 8i ( database system to Oracle 10G (10.2.03) system on HP Linux Operating system. As I have never done migration so I request for all kind of help to finish the task.
Thanks and Regards
What you are trying to accomplish is more upgrade. There's no direct upgrade path rom 8.1.6, you need to patch to otherwise you have to use export/import method.
Check more information here
thanks but which method is the best ?
Depends on the size of your database. exp/imp is easy method and most useful if you plan to change platform at the same time. But it can't handle big database very well. It takes long time to exp/imp data size that in hundreds GB.
If it's possbile I would choose the upgrade path offered by Oracle. It's well documented in Upgrade Guide. 
Thanks yingkuan
could you please guide further more that what are questions needed to be answered before starting the process.
is there any doc available to upgrade path from 8.1.6 to patch to ?
Thanks and Regards
You need download patch from metalink, read the REAME come with patch and follow the procedure.
The DBUA process is fairly straight forward, you can backup your database do a test run if you are not certain. 
I you finish this task good if not then write me on my email teejaymt#yahoo.com
i provide further help stap by stap.
Muhammad Tahir Khan(TeeJay)

DB migration from AIX to Linux

Dear Experts,
We are planning to migrate our existing 10g database of from AIX to Linux. Can anyone share their experiences? Some docs/URLS will be helpful. One of my friends told that it takes more than 36 hours to complete the database migration. Is it really true? The current database size is approx. 100GB.
After the migration does, apps function as usual?
Thanks in advance.
You can use export/import or transportable tablespaces to migrate the database.
10gR2 Transportable Tablespaces Certified for EBS 11i
Migrating E-Business Suite Release 11i Databases Between Platforms
Note: 362205.1 - 10g Release 2 Export/Import Process for Oracle Applications Release 11i
How long the task would take? Depends on the hardware resources you have. The best practice is to try this on a test instance first.
The application should work as expected once the task is completed.
Thank you hussein.
Will keep you posted about the progress.
Both the URLs embedded appears to be broken link. Not sure if it worked for you. Can you please check?
I was able to access the link by the time I posted my previous reply, but looks like it is down now. However, you already have the export/import document referenced in my previous reply. For the transportable tablespace method, please refer to (Note: 729309.1 - Using Transportable Database to migrate Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Using Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Enterprise Edition).
Platform Migration using Transportable Database: Oracle Database 10g Release 2
After reading the links and docs, i think the transportable database is a better option than using expdp and impdp. Whats your thoughts in this? Can we avoid invalid object errors if we use the "transportable database" approach?
Using the transportable tablespace option should be a good approach. However, before having this approach available it was only through export/import and I never had any issues when using it.

migrating oracle data on windows to linux

Hi All,
I have one task need to be done very soon in my office,Please help me.
We have Oracle 10r2 on windows 2003 with 60GB database.
now we have to transfer database on windows to oracle10gr2 in Linux O/S.
Please tel me the procedure and steps to do so.
Can I use Transportable table-space after creating database on Linux?
Please give me all the steps in doing so.
Thanks in advance,
this forum covers migrations from foreign databases to Oracle. Your "only" change the platform of your Oracle database release. This question is better handled in the Database Forum
General Database Discussions 
Thanks for you reply kqronau.
My Question is that i need to transfer my Oracle 10gr2 database on Redhatlinux Oracle10gr2.
I need a step by step procedure to do this.
There is no data with me to migrate from one database to another.
Please reply me on the same.
start from 10g, transportable tablespace is already available cross platform.