Oracle Graphics - Output - Forms

I have created some Graphs with Oracle Graphics. After Running
the Graph I can either Print or Export as .CGM/ODF file. I have
downloaded a CGM to Image converter but the converted Image
looks horrible. Does anyone know how to get an Image similar to
the Printed Output.( The Export -Image option is availabe before
the Graph is Run).


Poor Quality of imported Image displayed on Web Form using Forms 9i v9.0.2

When I import an image onto a Canvas in Oracle Forms 9i (v9.0.2.7) the quality of the image within the Forms builder looks just like the original - even after I save and then re-open the Form.
But when I the view this Form as a web page the image qualify looks pretty horrible, its fuzzy and the colors are off.
I have tried a number of image formats (.gif, .bmp, .jpeg) and have also tried adjusting the settings on both the Edit.Import.Image and the Edit.GraphicOptions.Image dialogues.
Is there a method I can use to ensure that the image quality I see in Forms builder is used when the Form is accessed via the web? / What is the method to use to ensure the best image quality for a background image placed on a Canvas?
Thanks for any help,
I suspect that this is happening because the image is being converted to JPEG for transmission down to the client with maximum copmpression to reduce network bandwidth use.
This is one if the reasons that we recommend that you do not use Boilerplate images on the web.
The only thing you can try is to manually convert to JPG with Maximum compression before you insert onto the canvas - that way you can control the "final" image somewhat and the difference between the downloaded version and the source will be less marked 
I have exactly the same problem. I have tried to convert the gif's images to jpg's but when I try to import it I get always the next error: canot open file or file is not in the format specified.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you 
It happens the same to me. I can't see the same resolution with images when I run the form in web. I can't understand this behaviour because if you insert the image inside a push button (property 'iconic'=yes), the quality of the image in web is the same that the original.
Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

problems displaying image in image item

I have some tiff images on filesystem. which i sucessfully loaded into the database and are stored in blob column, thru SQL*Plus. when i tried to view these images in image item on my form, some of them doesn't show up. i checked the the length of the blob column, to see whether the image is actually loaded into the database and i found that the length is greater zero(infact very high). then i tried to load the image, which doesn't show up, from forms by read_image_file, neither it loads the image nor it displays an error.
iam using oracle8i database and forms6.0.
any help is greatly appreciated.
you better use form to load these images into database, then you don't have any issues. It will have issues if you use pure Java program to display these pictures in table loaded thru form.
You may use form wizard to create a form style form based on that image table, then add a button, inside, use utl_file or text_io to loop get_line() from the file created by ls or dir and > or >> command, create_record, then read_image_file(), commit_form,...
It is straight forward, if you like, you may go to metalink forms forum to search 'mass image load' where I put my working codes there. 
thanx feng,
i have tried to load the images thru forms into the database by using read_image_file. but some of the images are not showing up in the image item. i seriously doubt there is something wrong with the image file itself. the image files are in tiff format but saved with an extension .000 file for some reasons. now i doubt that all that images are not tiff files, some of them may be of some other type. bcos when i tried to save one of them as a tiff file it took more space than what it was earlier. after saving as tiff file the form loads the image successfully. is there anyway way that i can load the image in whatever form it is? or is there any way to convert automatically these images to tiff format? 
I am not aware of that oracle form can automagically convert image from type to type. it can only load the types it supports.
then you may google some free tools in
good luck.

Printing PDF using D2kUtil

Hi All,
I am using the D2kUtil.pll to print PDF files from my oracle form (build in 6i) after creating them using Oracle reports, But the printed copy has following issues:
1. Its not inserting the margin on the left/top of the page resulting in the destruction of data in the header.
2. Font is little bigger than what we see when printed using the print dialog box in Adobe reader.
I tried to set the printer default properties but page setup (for margin) is not available under printer props in conrol panel.
Can somebody guide me the workaround, so that i can automate the printing of files without using a 3rd party tool (from windows).
And those problems do not show up when you print directly from Reports?
I would think that the kinds of problems you are seeing is due to formatting problems either in Reports or with you layout or code and not due to the way you print them. 
Thanks for the reply.
You are absolutely right that problems do not show up when I print directly from Reports or even from Acrobat reader because:
In acrobat Reader when we click print, the print dialog box by default has set the property "Page Scaling=Reduce to Printer Margins". There is another value "None" which does the same what I am getting now (cuts the image in header). So it doesn't sem like a report formatting issue but it looks like when we print pdfs from oracle it takes "None" property for Page Scaling.
This proprty is not available at the default printer setup level. So it looks like I have to change the report and adjust all the graphics (a bad solution).
Please let me know if you have some other idea.

Importing Graphics Image

On an existing form that I never developed I am trying to import a new graphics image in JPG format to the canvas, and whatever I do I keep getting an error:
VGS-507 Cannot open file or file is in incorrect format. Ok, but how do I determine the format in which to import the file as? I have tried to change the file to tiff etc but that doesn't work either, and have also picked some different types in the drop down list of options but it doesn't like that either. I also cannot find out the format of the existing graphic on the canvas, the property pallette doesn't tell me.
Thanks for any input
I have also tried importing another jpeg and it works ok. What would cause one jpg to cause this problem but not any others? As they were emailed to me through Outlokk Express would this have caused any problems with the format of the picture? 
This problem is caused by a different format type of jpeg, even though the file extension still says .jpg 
Does the same work fine with other files? 
It could depend on the JPEG format and the Forms version you are. Actually Forms does not support JPEGs with recent format.
Ensure also that the internal image coding is RGB

Forms crash when trying to view a .bmp.

I have 2 .bmp file uploaded to our database as a blob
looking at the 2 files they are identical size, pixel, dpi etc.
Yet in my system when trying to view the image through forms it one crashes the system and the other displays fine.
I know it will relate to the image itself as if i resave as a .jpg it works fine.
But i wondered if there was anyway to work out which aspect of the bmp it was failing on.
I have tried this in XP, Vista, Win 7. various IE versions all resulting in same behaviour.
I also tried an old legacy forms system we had running forms 9i on oracle 9i database and the column LONG RAW and this exhibits the same behaviour. i.e. displays one but crashes on other.
So i know its not a user OS issue nor a Oracle version issue. But we run app server and database for record.
I downloaded G.I.M.P image manipulater and no properties on the 2 .bmps are different.
just seen the image format is set as TIFF
if i change this to BMP its fine on both images.
Anyone shed any light on this issue for me as i cant amend the image format at runtime and users can upload tiff, jpg, bmp or gifs. 
Reduce the size of the image 
Thats the thing, some that are larger work so its not to do with the physical size of the image. 
Change the image from bmp to gif 
Yes this will work but my customer wants an explanation as to why some will work and some will not. They have thousands of bmps they dont want to amend all another format.
I can not find any oracle documentation re the correct bmp format that is supported. 
A Forms Image Item is rather picky on the formats. There might be some meta data/tags in the image header that Forms doesn't recognize.
To be able to support more formats you can use a Javabean instead. 
Thats the thing, with all the image software i can find, i can find no meta data or tags attached. Do you know of any software that can be used to analyse the image?