Oracle Graphics - Forms

In my Project I have been asked to Develop Graphs and it must be
scheduled to Run on NT. The DB is Oracle 8i.
Can Oracle Graphics be scheduled to Run say using a batch file
or something.
Where do we get Oracle Graphics Doc?

Yes it's possible to run graphics from a batchfile. As you can
se in the example below You can also pass parameters.
GORUN60 openfile=StatProc.ogr pStationstyp=2 pStationsnr=3
pGrafnr1=1 pGrafnr2=2 UID=UID PWD=PWD DB=DB window_state=maximize


RE: Oracle Forms

Is that possible to develop oracle forms or report for windows
but the Oracle running on Linux server? anybody has really done
that sort of work ?
Thanks in advance.
You can develop Forms and Reports (client/server) on any
supported platform and run them on any other. You will need to
compile the source (.FMB/.RDF) files to executables (.FMX/.REP)
on the target environment.
It's not a perfect solution, though, as subtle differences in
the GUI environments mean that a fair bit of "tweaking" can be
My advice? Use Web Forms!

is any body work on oracle5 and forms 1 unix operating system

if ther's any body who has worked on oralce5 and forms 1 (unix based). 
for what did you need such experience? 
Mr. Gerd Volberg. we have accounting system developed by a gye in oracle5 , forms1, Open server (OS). Now the task has given to me to convert it in oracle9.
Now the problem is this i am not able to open source files of forms. how can i convert oracle5 database to oracle9. 
I have in the past exported data from Oracle5 and imported it directly into Oracle8.
It may work similarly for Oracle9.
I used to work on Forms1 in 1987 don't remember much about it now. 
It was Forms 2.0 / 2.3 in Oracle5 ...
... Forms1 was Oracle4.1.4
(actually that's a maybe as I'm not sure now ...)
The source code for the Forms would be in INP so at least you can look at it. 
Little Expert :
As a real suggestion : at least you'll have SQL*Plus. If nothing else you should be able to generate .sql to produce an insert script for your 9i database. Have a look on Tom Kyte's site : I found something like that the other day :
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Hiya Steve.
Pre Forms 2.0 Forms was around for a short time with Oracle 5, cos that was what I used in 1986 !!!
If Toad will connect to your Oracle5 database (which it may not as it uses an earlier mode of sqlnet), it has the ability to extract data from tables as sql scripts..
Anyway, export/import is still worth a go first. 
You may export/import from Oracle 5 to Oracle 9i directly, but it's not recommended, I suggest You first import it to 8 and later export from 8 and import to 9.
And as for your forms, you first need to upgrade it to Forms 4.5 --> Forms 6i --> Forms 10g R2
Tony (Grigg)
Excellent :) ... I am not worthy ....
I seem to remember I only used these products for a couple of years before Oracle 6 turned up ... it's all hazy
Be careful that the (very) old Forms V2 triggers won't be recognized by Forms 4.5 migration engine.
It is a nightmare to get them working in the equivalent new trigger system.
Exactly Francois, I was think that too.
The format is pre forms 3.0, and may be pre forms 2.0, so getting the code migrated to something that the current migration tools can work with is the problem.
If it is pre forms 2.0 it was produced by something called iaf/iag if I remember rightly. 
Interactive Application Facility (IAF) ...
Forms 1.0 ran as a dialogue - no screen painter at all :) I would guess that you'd have to migrate to 2.0 or 2.3 prior to going to anything above 3.0 
it's the question, if it is worth to migrate such a functionality to forms 2, then 3, then 6 and then to the web.
I think you should use the ideas from that application to create a new form in 10g... 
Would agree totally on that ...
... and add constraints into the database too
I second that suggestion.
The time and resources you need to put to migrate that forms.... You would easily redevelop them.

Is it possible to use an answers file to automate oracle Forms installation

We want to install Forms 6i and the Open Client Adapter on several hundred pcs. We can't do it remotely as the pcs are not on our domain.
Is it possible to set up an automatic install of the components that we need so our desktop staff don't have to select the components/Oracle home etc on each install? Can an "answers file" be used to achieve this?
Paul Schweiger 
If that's a runtime installation why not install as a WebForms application ?
Then the client won't need anything but a browser ... 
that's true and in fact the 6i client/server form is going to be called from a 10g webform
Sounds mad but it's the simplest option due to the fact that the 6i form requires the Open Client Adapter which has is not available in a web environment 
Ok well I won't argue with that then :)
You may be able to create a custom installation - I did this with the Oracle ORCA package many years ago. I'm not sure whether you can do this sort of thing with the universal installer ... not sure which version 6i uses !
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Run .gsm sound files

Does Forms 6i / 10g support .gsm sound files ? If yes then how? 
For forms running in a browser (i.e. version 9 and newer) you would need to create a java bean. Here is just one example. Note that the examples on the following page are not supported by Oracle, nor do they belong to Oracle.

anybody still in forms 2.3?

We have upgraded a very very old installation in sql*forms 2.3 (yes, it has more than 20 years!) with oracle7 to forms 11g release 2 with oracle server 11g, using an own tool developed by our team.
are there anybody still using forms 2.3? We want to share experiences.
thanks in advance,
I remember using it!
We've upgraded gradually over many years though.
Those steps were pretty evil! 
I hope you will get very rare for such version in the field 
Thanks Ady.
Do you remember which tools have you applied? How was your experience? (besides evil :-) )
Hi Fernando,
We have done some Forms 3.0 migrations in the past (some of those with the old V2 trigger steps) but recently the oldest we have migrated is Forms 4.5 character mode on Unix or VMS (though some of these still had V2 trigger steps in some forms).
We have our tools for these steps, but most of these no longer go back to Forms 2.
So that's quite an achievement you have done there.
I remember when Forms 2 was released in the late 80s, we thought it was the most amazing step forward when it first appeared!!
Hi Fernando,
We upgraded (over many years) using the standard Oracle tools from 2.3 to 3.0 to 4.5 to 6i.
All this was in Character Mode.
We then used software from ORCLToolbox called Forms API master, which comes with a scripting capability similar to JDAPI.
This software is relatively inexpensive and comes with an example script to change version 2 triggers to pl/sql.
We had changed many 2.3 triggers to PL/SQL manually over the years, but this tool allowed us to convert the few remaining 2.3 steps to pl/sql, though it wasn't perfect and we had to find all forms that didn't compile and fix the bugs.
Following the use of this tool we migrated using the standard updgrade from 6i to 10g to 11g to 11gR2.
Many of our forms are still working like the chracter mode versions with the navigation limit set to the field, so mouse usage is restricted.
We are currently re-writing our systems now from the ground up with new database schemas, mouse driven forms and lots of PJC extensions to:
Put a calendar icon inside a field, that sends key-listval back to the form via a custom item event.
Put example prompts inside a field that disappear on typing.
Put a patient banner on many screens (we're in healthcare).
Overlay many widgets with their swing equivalents.
Use an autocomplete dropdown.
Put headers into forms that have a modern looking gradient background.
hope this helps 
Thanks Ady for sharing your experiences.
We have developed a python program which parses the form 2.3, create in memory the whole structure and translate the v2 triggers to pl/sql. Then it calls a java program who creates the forms 11g module using jdapi.