found a commercial car kit - MDA, XDA, 1010 Accessories

HI everyone, been reading th eforum for a while now, and the questions if car kits keeps comming up.
I managed to find one today online, looks ok, but needs professional installation.
here is the link ( and no, before you ask, I am nothing to do with the company, just came across it while looking for accessories for my new XDA)
hope it's good!

Product not found!

Sorry about that, if you look under O2 in the same page you will see it. Ever so sorry about that.
damn links!!

This is the O2 xda car kit
I ordered the kit from and it arrived yesterday, it is an O2 boxed xda car kit.
Everything works fine - except - I removed my old Nokia 9110 car kit which had a radio mute kit that feeds the phone through the car speakers, and tried to connect the radio mute from the O2 kit to the radio mute lead used by the Nokia car kit. When I place the xda in the cradle it immediately cuts over from the radio to the phone, even before the phone part of the xda is activated.
I have a radio mute on the steering console so I have temporarily disconnected the mute lead and fitted the speaker that came with the xda car kit.
Any suggestions why the radio mute cuts over straight away ?

Try making a call
I have seen the same behaviour, it looks like the mute works reversed. If you make a call the radio will swotch on.
If this is your problem it should be easy to fix by using a small relay or something similiar.

the problem has resolved itself
the problem I had with the radio muting all the time has resolved itself, it now works perfectly.


Connecting an O2 XDA IIs with a SE HCB-300 handsfree car kit

This is driving me nuts...
I have bought an XDA IIs (and love it) and needed a car kit, so bought the one recommended on the O2 website - the Sony Ericsson HCB-300.
I had the kit professionally fitted, and sat in my car at lunch time eager to get it to work.
It goes through the motions - it pairs up no problem, and I enter the 0000 code. However, when it goes to connect it just sits there for about 15 seconds, then announces "Connection unsuccessfull".
I have read a load of posts about patches for this device, is this what I need or do I need to change any settings on the devices????
Thanks in advance!
I have the HCB-30 not the 300. However, once in a while I have the same problem as you. I get around it by deleting the BT pairing that exists, then hard rebooting the O2 unit, then pair it up again.
I think the BT software in the O2 XDA IIs is stuffed up. I have to hard reset my O2 unit regularly as it doesn't automatically link up to the HCB-30. I had no problems with my XDA II
I hope my suggestion helps you out.
I got a new car last week with the HCB-300 pre-installed and I have exactly the same problem - pairing no problem but no connection. I tried upgrading to the latest 1.40 ROM and then it worked just fine.
However, after reinaastalling TomTom Nav 3 it doesn't work again so I have come to the conclusion that TT3 and HCB-300 are incompatible. I'm looking for a solution still and if I cure it I'll post ot here.
Very annoying indeed.

Bluetooth & BMW car kit

I'm having a problem with the bluetooth on the HTC with the bmw car kit (E46, 2004). It auto connects fine every time, but I can only make or receive 1 call. After that call has ended, it still claims it is connected - I can browse the phone book, but when the next call comes in it will ring through the car kit, but as soon as I answer it the audio comes out of the phone, not the car kit. The same happens if I initiate the call instead of receive.
It's not the car kit, it has worked flawlessly with previous phones (Sendo, N80) I just have a problem with this one. It happened with the stock rom (voda UK), and all versions of Dutty's.
Anyone any ideas?
Have you tried flashing a different radio?
I also had a weird BT problem and flashing a new radio helped.
How are you answering the incoming call?
My boss has a similar car to yours with BMW proffesional bluetooth and is running an HTC S710 which works perfectly.
I have found the although you are connected to handsfree if you answer the call on the handset and not via the bluetoooth controls then it will push the audio through the handset not the handsfree.
therefore are you answering the 2nd or 3rd incoming call on the handset or the handsfree?
I might be able to test my vodafone v1615 on this car kit during the week.
I also have a BMW X3 E86 from 2004 with a BMW Bluetooth Kit ( I believe is the some as yours... ) and my Kaiser works great without any problems.
My Kaiser Radio version is:
I hope this can help you troubleshooting your problem!
well i have a Z4 ´06 and all work be honest i haven`t try it after last BMW nav (Professional) upgrade to V.29 but before this all was OK...Otherwise there was no possimility to use it with a new N or E Nokia
Bluetooth BMW
Try Jetware handsfree extension, works on BMW X3 and HTC Kaiser
Bluetooth Hot Fix (for HTC TyTN II)
Dropped calls sometimes occur when Bluetooth is on. If you encountered the same problem, please download this Bluetooth Hot Fix and install it on your device.
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This is from HTC's website... I hope it will fix your problem
Thanks for the hotfix link, unfortunately I forgot to mention I had already tried it and it didn't work.
I have radio version, same as you pt_t830.
I'll try that Jetware handsfree extension..
Tom Williams said:
How are you answering the incoming call?
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I have tried it both ways, but it makes no difference whether it is answered via the button on the steering wheel, the centre console or the phone - the audio will always come out the phone, not the car kit on the 2nd call. It does turn off the audio on the radio though, and it always rings through the car kit.
Even if the call is initiated from the car kit by browsing the phone book and dialling, no sound will come out the car kit - and then I realise it has already rung but the ringing tone has come out the phone and the other person has answered!
I had similar problems on my E46 M3. I have put jetware on and it's perfect now. I even get a mail indicator on the sat nav when I receive an SMS, never got that before!

First post - THB Bury problem

This is my first post so please be easy on me
I am an ICT Engineer and I am having problems with one of my customers HTC Kaiser (re-badged as Orange TyTN II).
He has an THB Bury cradle. The Kaiser has TomTom installed (Orginal disc version 6 navigator), but when the phone is docked in the cradle it goes to Cra Kit profilr and he gets no sound from TomTom.
I have changed the profile, but still no sound from TomTom. I have checked the cradle it it works fine apart no sound for sat nav.
I have searched for hours on loads of forums to find a fix for this i.e. new ROM from Orange or patch from THB, but can't find anything.
Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix i.e. registry alternation.
Is there anything within the TomTom settings for this.
It might be that this is the way it will work, afterall you do not want the TomTom coming out over the audio of the telephone call.
Thanks for the reply.
We used to use the Orange SPV M2000 (HTC BlueAngel) with TomTom using the same hands free kit (different cradle obviously) and never had a problem. The sat nav audio would work as normal, but when a call came in the sat nav would cut out until the call had finished.
I have have been through the TomTom settings (very limited) and cannot see anyway of changing the audio on it.
It seems more like a HTC Kaiser problem rather than TomTom or the cradle, because it worked fine with a BlueAngle.
Just found this on a THB Bury re-sellers site: -
"Please note: When the Phone is put into the cradle, the Phone will immediately go into car kit profile, which means the external speaker will be disabled [loss of sound for the Sat Nav directions]"
Is the registry hack to stop this happening?
Have you tried using the tomtom and checking there is audio working ok without putting it in the cradle?
Yep. TomTom works absolutly fine out of the cradle. I have even bought a new cradle to check if the original cradle was defect, but still no sound.
To summarise: -
TomTom audio working fine out of THB Bury HFK
TomTom stops working when in THB Bury HFK (enters Car Kit Profle)
Could you not move the handsfree cradle to maybe a vent mount solution so that when you are in the car you can view the TomTom directions instead of hearing them?
Personally I would find yor situation ideal as I hate SatNav voice commands and prefer to navigate from the map.
I got a response from THB Bury about this problem:
"Dear Alistair, many thanks for your enquiry regarding our Bury product range.
The Navigationcommand didn´t run over the carkit, because the Navigationsoftware got no software for muting.
Best regards
Dean Taylor
--Bury-Infoline-- "
Not really what I needed so.....
Does anyone know either how to doctor the USB connector so that it doesn't cause the phone to switch to 'car mode' OR a registry/software fix which stops the TnTY/Stellar from muting its internal speaker when in 'Car' mode?
Failing that I need a new car kit which, holds the phone, charges it, provides hands free phone service, allows TT6 audio instructions through and doesn't blow the USB port. Just like the THB Bury 'Universal' kit should do.
Any recommendations? Alistair

Hands Free Bluetooth Car Kit (AT&T Tilt)

I recently got an AT&T Tilt and am looking for a good, reliable bluetooth kit for my 2005 Toyota 4Runner. I found two different kits that look good, and I want to know if any of you have any experience with these:
Parrot 3200 LS Color:
THB Bury Comfort Compact 9060:
I just want a good kit that wires into the vehicle and uses the car speakers. Any suggestions on other kits are welcome.
Thank You for the help.
Motorola T605. I'm looking at getting that one now and it looks pretty good. I would link to it, but I'm tired, I've been drinking, and I will be asleep in about 117 seconds from now.
Visit and check out the car kit demos on the parrot car kits, this will give you a real feel of the kits. Also they have car kit and harness bundles.
If you have any questions, call them and they will tell you evrything you need to know about Parrot car kits.
greenhead said:
I recently got an AT&T Tilt and am looking for a good, reliable bluetooth kit for my 2005 Toyota 4Runner. I found two different kits that look good, and I want to know if any of you have any experience with these:
Parrot 3200 LS Color:
THB Bury Comfort Compact 9060:
I just want a good kit that wires into the vehicle and uses the car speakers. Any suggestions on other kits are welcome.
Thank You for the help.
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I got this last night and its great
I was specifically looking for a wire free audio streaming soloution, but the hands free profile stuff works great.
Hi I have used a parrot ck3100 for years now (for the last 4 phones I have had) cant fault it updated the software through Bluetooth each time and still working today, easiest way I found to fix in to the car to mute radio and put call through speakers is to get a conversion lead form a dealer, (£20.00 ish in the uk) this fits between your radio and the car kit.
I have the parrot kit installed in my subaru. my tilt and my wifes samsung are paired to it and the friggin thing works great. i suggestthat if you have the original radio in your veichle, then get the wiring adaptor for that car. this way no wires have to be cut. if needed, i will post a link here for the website were i got the adaptor for my subaru.
I also have the CK3100. It USUALLY works great, but I have had some issues w/ my Tilt. Occaisionally, it will phantom dial when I first start the vehicle. When that particular glitch occurs, it will continue to randomly mute the stereo for a couple of seconds every few minutes.
A recent firmware update to the Parrot seemed to fix the problem, but it started again after a week. I just got a new Tilt (warranty replacement) and haven't had the problem again, but it's only been a couple of days. It was a week after that firmware update before the issue recurred.
If you go w/ the Parrot, I highly recommend for a wiring harness. I'll say that I did not like the way it functioned in my Nissan Titan due to the way the factory stereo is configured - it caused a loud pop in the amp when switching between the stereo and phone. In most other vehicles, this should not be a problem. It sure did make the install a breeze.

[Q] Bad echo on Bluetooth car kit (CK-7W)

Hi all,
I have installed a CK-7W bluetooth car kit in my car which works fine.
The issue is that the the other side can hear a bad echo when they talk. I thought it was because the volume was loud in the car but it happens even when it is soft. They can hear me perfectly.
I saw a similar thread in the HTC desire section and apparently someone said it was gone after he upgraded to Froyo. Unfortunately mine is still there.
Some other thread had a fix in WM by changing the class from smartphone to normal phone and I tried to edit something in the ETC folder like someone suggested but no luck.
I would like to hear from anyone using a bluetooth car kit and obviously how it can be fixed. I have not tried any other phone but someone did mention that it works fine with non Android phones.
Hello kar200. I have that exact same bt car kit and I have that exact sale behaviour.
When I talk it's fine for receiver, but when receiver talks she complains about bad echo. Nobody complained about echo when I used Nokia E72 with this car kit.
I'm guessing it could be a delay from speaker which goes to microphone and caller hears her own voice from my mic.
Sorry, but I haven't found any solution. I really hope I find though!
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Thanks for the reply. Apparently the echo is not due to any lag and it is to do with the phone. Someone even said that he used a bluetooth headset and had the issue (cannot explain this really).
Apparently the phone should filter the incomng voice somehoe but I don't know how. I might do a test and mute my speakers and see if the echo is there. Another thread on the desire HD said that it is only with the HTC Sense Roms. This might be the case with us as well with the Galaxy's? Hopefully we will see Cyanogenmod on i9000 which will give us a good indication if it is only the Galaxy's roms.