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Hi masters
I found a dual speaker mod for the redmi 5 plus, is a magisk module
you can download it here
the hardware of the 5 plus and 5 rosy are very similar so I tested this on my redmi 5 and installs/unistall correctly in Magisk but the sound is heard only by the speaker of the telephone and the normal speaker is mute
anyways partially is working and I'm sure is possible to create a dual speaker mod for the redmi 5
so, can anyone of you fix this redmi 5 plus mod to work correctly on the redmi 5 rosy?


White noise/hissing in the background while listening with headphones.

Hi, so a few days ago white noise appeared while listening to for example music. Headphones aren't faulty, checked them on my computer and other phone, their are good. But the thing is, if I make phone detect my main headphones without mic they work perfectly fine but in-line controls don't work. It pretty much more noticible in lower volumes, in higher volumes you can't hear it pretty much, only when music is like fading in the end. You would say just listen to higher volumes, but I'm a type of person who notices a thing and can't unotice it.
Right now I'm on MIUI 7.9.22 (MIUI9)
This seems like a common issue with Xiaomi phones, be it the Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, now the Mi 5 and the Mi A1.
What on earth is Xiaomi doing to the headphone jack?
I hear rooting and changing some stuff can fix it:
I fixed the problem just by flashing back to MIUI 8.

Question redmi note 10 pro max problems.

Hello everyone
For past 1 month i have been using mi note10 pro max and slowly i am having issues with my plz help me to solve these problem
Screen does not give proper respond while touching the screen in 60hz aswell as 120hz(sometimes)
stereo speaker sometime works and sometime it wont.(tried switching from mono to stereo and vice versa)
I have been using different types of earphone and earbuds yet i am not able to hear stereo sound(only in 8d types of audio) other music works fine as stereo.
the equalizer preset given my redmi for earphone s are not ok i was wondering i could change it.
Thats it.
Thank you in advance
Since it is under warranty why don't you visit an authorized service center. May be they will apply a fix for these issues. And you are still under the warranty period. So it would be possible
i also wanted to ask whether the problem in redmi note 10 pro max of battery draining will be improved or will it be draining as it is draining now bcs i think downgrading the phone will not be the issue and it should be optimized by the company itself
pls tell me

Question Redmi note 10 pro with tronsmart onyx ace

Hello so i have a redmi note 10 pro and i bought a Tronsmart Onyx ace bluettoth earphones so The sound is perfect and good battery but the problem is the microphone doesnt work whenever im in a call (phone call,messenger call,viber whatsapp......) the can't hear me the voice is so low i tried another tronsmart earphones and same problem so i tried the earphones with other phones and the mic works perfectly so idk what's the problem please help
I have the same problem with poco X3 how did you solve it?
Are you guys by any chance on custom A12 roms? Coz this is happening with me too since I flashed a custom A12 rom recently on some other TWS earphones
I have the normal rom automatically installed

Question mi11 pro Ear calling Speaker problem

hi everybody ,
after almost 1 year with my mi11 pro miui 12 , im facing a problem - i cant hardlly hear on my Ear calling Speaker problem ...the top of the item (not the speakers)!
its turn till the max volume , also cheacked on the settings , but i cant hardlly hear .
The problem of the very weak sound only on the ear side , not the speakers .
i didnt upgrade yet to miui 13 , waiting for twrp .
can someone help me with this case?
So basically calls are quiet? Yeah, my MI 11 is similar. People said, try cleaning the speaker grille.
Or, I've also seen a tip where you turn on Mono audio. Haven't tried that one.
But call volume is also awful on OnePlus.
Call volume in my experience:
Google pixels (3a, 4a): 11/10. Super loud, super clear.
Samsung (s7, note 9, note 10+): 10/10
Xiaomi: 6/10
OnePlus (7 pro, 9r, 9 pro): 1/10 (its absolutely awful)
I had the same problem on an s7 edge and on another low-end cell phone it wasn't loud, so I cleaned it with a child's toothbrush and everything was resolved

Question Speakers are not working

I'm using redmi 10 pro max, speakers are not working. I couldn't hear any aound from any apps.
cpu problem