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Subject: IR modem
From: Xda.
Date: 16 Dec, 2002 16:47:42
Is it possible to use it as a modem but through the IR port?


Help - Confusion about BT patches - Which one to Install?

Hi everyone,
I have a QTEK 9090 purchased in Switzerland, English (WWE) version. ROM is 1.12.00.
I plan to install the ROM Update found on
After that, I want to patch the BT stack.
Reading your posts, I found two different patches for the Bluetooth:
- coming from
- found on 9090 bluetooth patch/
Am I correct in assuming that I won't be able to install the second one as my ROM version will be 1.22 and not 1.24? Is there a 1.24 ROM Update somewhere?
Thanks for your help on this!

Bluetooth version with AG patch.

Hi guys. I have the following set up and am willing to try amost anything to improve bluetooth and sound via bluetooth, inparticular low sound volumes when using hands free equipment and even speakerphone option.
I have UK XDA2s using :
ROM version 1.31.00 WWE
ROM date 12/13/04
Radio version 1.12.00
Protocol version 1337.42
ExtROM version 1.31.139 WWE
Bluetooth 3900
I have seen many people have extensions or patches on the bluetooth version ie AG and others... would anything likely help me out.
I have read many threads and have notice high quality audio mentioned but no joy in finding any patch..
I am considering MAMAICH rom version but not sure will work for me, have read and read, I am lost....
I know I am a bit thick............LOL
do I not make sense
If not can you pm me so I can try and explain more..
cheers :roll:

i-mate PDA2k rom

Just received the Sept 2005 i-mate newsletter stating there is a new rom for the PDA2k can anyone get hold of this as I am not a member?
This is from I do not have my device with me, but isn't this the build from 03/10/05 it may take them a few days to update the site, I will check again tomorrow.
The details of the new ROM image are:
For the Worldwide English Build:
ROM version: 1.40.00 WWE
ROM date: 03/10/05
Radio version: 1.12.00
Protocol version 1337.42
ExtROM version: 1.40.176 WWE
Click here to download the English Build via HTTP
Click here to download the English Build via FTP
The newsletter stated "Get the Latest Upgrade Patch" not a new Rom. They have the Single Direction Voice Patch available for Download....
That patch has been up for a few weeks. It didn't make much of a difference in my device
The patch is OK, I did not experience any single directional call since I installed it.
the patch prevents the unidirectional problem in pda2k

ROM Update T-mobile MDAIII no camera

Since last week I own a T-Mobile MDAIII with: ROMN 1.22.01 GER, Radio 1.06.00, Protokoll Version 1337.38. I read long articles about the existing updates and how to update the pocket pc; what I am missing is: Where can I download the software. I am only interested in the ROM Bersion 1.42 and in the last radio update. Thank's for your help.
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NEW Official French ROM for HTC Touch HD

I just discovered these links on official HTC website dated on 11 and 17 Dec 2009, for Orange and Vodaphone (SFR I guess) but appeared today.
Do somebody know more details about them ?
The page indicates version is 1.14, so it really old....