carkit: mute - MDA, XDA, 1010 Accessories

Hi all,
Has anyone figured out how to mute a radio? What signal from the XDA could be used / could be used as a signal for some circuitry (I can design that myself).
Regards, Robert
6 foot tall ape descendant

Hey Robert.
I´m sorry to tell you that i could not help you, but if you get some hints or tips tey are welcome to me too....
I´m looking forward to create my own Car KIt, but the Problem is still the Mute function

carkit: mute: two pages claiming that grounding is solution
Below two links to pages both claiming that (at least on nokia stuff) they ground the mute pin on the radio. If that is the case than the circuitry is not much of a problem.
Step 1: I will test if grounding really does it. I have 2 or 3 old radio's lying around, just need a volunteer to find them :wink:
Step 2: figure out how to detect that muting should take place. I need some help here because I am not to familiar with the XDA yet.
Step 3: build some circuitry.
Step 4: post it here (for review as well)
Regards Robert
6 foot tall ape descendant


Program help?

Hello i am looking for a program that is similar to the garmin fitness watches. the program would be for tracking jogging times and distances. i would also like to be able to see speeds in vehicles. maybe have a top speed type thing for motorcycle riding.
Thanks in advance
Brian Brian Brian.... Dude, you have got to find a new approach.
This is your 1st post so I'll cut to the chase....
1) Make sure you do your homework by reading 1st (you may have already, but just in case)
2) Make sure you're in the right forum. I'm not sure if "upgrading" is the right place.... just make sure you think about it.
3) Get a better title next time. Dude, this one is not going to do it.
4) Try Visual GPS. I think you might find what you're looking for.

HTC Touch Diamond GPS Problems Solved Here!

I've seen many threads regarding poor (if not non existant) gps signals related to the HTC Touch Diamond.
Pretty much all of them suggest setting issue in windows 6.1, etc. Me thinks you are all looking at the wrong cause.
Here's the answer (trust me on this)!....
We all know that the original slimline battery that comes with the HTC TD is pretty much useless when it comes to life....lucky to get 4hrs on standby?
OK, so then you go and buy the cheep extended battery - you know - the huge slab that comes with an additional back for your phone - coz it's too big for the original.
Gives you great battery life (or should I say - gives you 'normal battery life' in comparison to other phones).
Basically, your GPS antenna is being 'wiped out' by the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) of the bigger battery - the signal is being scambled completely and you would be lucky to get a fix under 20 minutes with this installed.
For those of you gettin this problem - simply plug in your original battery.... you get a strong lock under a minute!
I've tested this extensively using HTC GPS Tool and the results to me are conclusive.
Would be grateful to hear comments back on this post....
I suggest you try searching the forum... this is very, very common knowledge!
Not just common knowledge, it doesn't solve GPS issues for most people, as most people don't have this battery.
Misleading topic name.
MJNewton said:
I suggest you try searching the forum... this is very, very common knowledge!
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Mebe so - but, hey that just means I'm adding my tuppence worth to the 'common knowledge pool'
Might not help everyone - but to help but a few has got to be good right????
Scooter67 said:
Mebe so - but, hey that just means I'm adding my tuppence worth to the 'common knowledge pool'
Might not help everyone - but to help but a few has got to be good right????
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Scooter, don't let them put you off posting - keep adding your tips. As you say, they may help someone.
actually there is a fix for solving the gps problem with a large battery using a small piece of aluminium foil underneath the cover. Its been posted before here and originated on a Russian site and it seemed to work for most users.
Anyway this post helped me. Thank you!
I have no problems with GPS reception, but I was thinking of getting the 2000mAh battery. But I changed my mind...

[Q] Headphone EMU soldering

Hi i have an origanal headphone/mic for the G1 and it has becoume a bit tatterd over the years, i was wondering if anyone new where the solderpoints on the usb board bit are (well the colours to what solder points.
I have treid searching xda and goodle to no help at all
was hoping someone who had ether the knowledge or the picstures to show me which colour goes to which solderpoint lol..
Thnak you.

Anybody have advice on starting Arduino?

I'm kinda looking at the Arduino stuff lately...
I'm a little interested in it myself, but I think even more so I'm interested in it for my son. He's starting to really get interested in computer and doing more than just playing games. I think this would be a great way for him to learn not only the software end of things but also the hardware end.
I'm trying to find a good quality "starter kit" that has some basic lessons to help us get started. Because this is all new to me as well there wouldn't be much I could do to direct him, so having those lessons/sample projects would really be key.
Do a websearch will yield plenty of options, but I have no idea what's good and what's bad. Anyone have some first hand experience with this?
Check this tutorial out!
This gets the Arduino R3 kit!
And is a complete stepwise guide!
Arduino... My 2nd year uni nightmare...
One of our profs put a videotutorial on the net for us, but it's freely available. Here: There's also more on his blog.
Also, our coursebooks (I've uploaded them to 4shared):

[Q] Samsung Exhibit II 4G Antenna Location(s)

First and foremost, THANKS EVERYONE! I learned without asking questions on this site by reading and taking my time. So thanks CAMCORY AND JOCOLA, (et al.). Ya'll rock.
Anyhow. I just took the hard case off the phone looking for the antenna so i could build onto the existing one for data because im cheap and creative. only problem is i have no idea where the antenna is located so i have no idea how to attach an external antenna. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and with descriptions are reeeealllly user friendly (sometimes jut the explanation is not very clear and i dont want to bother yall with repeated questions.