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Forms Team,
I was trying to read today's Oracle9i Daily Features regarding Forms Debugging. When I clicked on the link, I got an article regarding how to use J-Integra Extension instead of Forms Debugging. Could someone from the team to fix this? 

It should be ok now.
If it is not on the home page anymore try:
or search it in the archive of the features at:


file upload

In my application i want to store the pict of employee. this application is working proper in client/server but when form is uploaded on the web.this is not working proper open window dialog box is not open.
if i am wrong please correct me otherwise give an alternative.
i am using developer 6 oracle 8i,9I AS.
gday reena -
Actually this is one of the small areas of migration from client/server -> Web forms that was not supported.
When you upload a file from the file system with Oracle Forms in client/server mode, the forms engine can tell the windowing system to open a dialog box and to load the file off of the local file system.
When you run over the Web, the same functionality does not exist. Part of the reason is that running in a distributed fashion introduces the possibility of security risks for both the end-user and the server.
However - the great news is that there is a very good workaround for you to perform files upload using the Web forms model.
Currently on the forms section of OTN, there is a JavaBean component we developed that lets you upload binary files from the Web based clients and put them on the forms server machine. This is using the functionality provided with Forms 6.0 and later where we exposed the interfaces of the Java applet so you can add custom Java code to perform non native tasks.
So please go and see the Forms JavaBean section on OTN. Specifically take a look at the FileUpload utility. There is an excellent viewlet which you can watch which demonstrates the bean in use and which shows you how to use it in your own applications.
There's a Forms 6i (ie developer, developer/2000) forum on OTN where a lot of Forms experts, gurus and Product Managers answer questions. You may want to look through the archives of that forum listing for more forms info.
i have do the same thing as per upload example but i got a error ora 105100.
i will do the same process as in example
of fileupload but uploadclient.jar file is not downloaded in client browser and file upload is not woeking.please give me a solution 
reena -
Make sure that you added uploadclient.jar.sig to the archive tag of the HTML file you are using to launch the application and also that you placed the uploadclient.jar.sig file in the physical directory that maps to the codebase virtual directory (usually $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java).
The FileUpload example describes everything you need to do to get the demo working. Once you get that going, then including the functionality in your own apps should be much easier.
As I previously mentioned, you may want to post your Developer/Forms specific questions to the Forms 6i forum on OTN since there are a lot of Forms specific experts there that may also be able to help you with your forms questions.
i am using developer 6 not 6i. is it run in 6i and html directory is where we deployed the forms am i right. i have post the question in developer 6i forum also but nobody give me solution.
now i installed the oracle 6i and
open the file fileupload
in program unit JSYSYEM (PACKAGE)i got a error
ORA_JAVA.JOBJECT must be declared.
where is ORA_JAVA in developer 6i( buit in package or stored package).
Reena -
The file upload mechanism uses the new Java Importer functionality contained in Forms 6i, Release 2 to decode the binary file as it is sent to the running Forms server.
From the info you provided, it looks like you may not be using Forms 6i Release 2.
Can you check to see what version you have installed, Forms 6i Release 2 is version so that or anything later will be good.
You can get Forms 6i Release 2 from this site via the link

Need colors.pll, Forms 6i/10g can some one provide same?

Hi Folks,
We have recently migrated from Forms 3.0 to 6i; Customer wants to have color customization in different modes. After studying thru I found a white paper which talks about Dynamic Color Customization in 10g, which suggests using Color.pll available in Forms 10g, it can be used earlier versions also.
Can some one send that file to Please.
Goto the All papers page
then click the PL/SQL Code link in the summary of the article.

Interface Look Like a Web Page Using Oracle9i DS

Hi All,
I am working as a Oracle Developer, We have near about 17 applications running in our organization having same standard (interface).
Now my boss ask me to develop a new interface which should be look like a html page (like hyperlinks to open/forms/call forms, save, delete,create, etc instead of menu.
i don't have any idea.
can anybody guide me or reffer me some forms/website etc.
I guess you should use APEX and call forms from that. 
There is an hyperlink demo in the Forms demos available here:
thanks for the help, but link is not working
Yours points to the old 9i version, The one I provided point to the 10g page.
At the top of that page is the following message:
Note that as a result of a recent upgrade, some of the older viewlets are currently showing error messages and failing to display. We are working on a resolution and apologise for any inconvenience.
Many of the links on that page don't work. 
but Francois was right.
If you download the whole demo you can draw only what need you, and re-compiling it works (I have not tried with Hyperlink demo, but progress bar demo: yes work).
Hi use that link just to see the possibilities:
and download the whole demo at :
There are plenty of ressources you can use .Itried all of them it works!

I need some help.

I was working in Forms and Report 6i a several years ago before move to US, now here I am studying English and practice my Forms and Report but I feel unupdate about it. (Now I am working in a kitchen) I try to down load the tools, but I get DevSuiteHome_1 something about Java. I will like to know is the new version now is in Java ?. What do you recommend for to start again in enviroment Oracle ?. I appreciate your advance.
Please read
Specifically, see Commandment 1.
I try to down load the tools, but I get DevSuiteHome_1
something about Java. I will like to know is the new
version now is in Java ?.When you install Forms and Reports, it creates a home directory. The default directory name is DevSuiteHome_1. Some parts of Forms and Reports that are responsible for displaying in your browser are writen in Java. However, unless you create a custom Pluggable Java Component (PJC), you do not use Java to create a form or report.
What do you recommend for to start again in enviroment Oracle ?See these links:

Any Conversion Tools Available ?

any conversion tools are available ?
for transfer all Forms file to Jdeveloper
complete application recreate in Jdeveloper
i have no idea of java & Jdeveloper
only use forms & reports
best way to convert ? 
Would be interested to know why you are converting.
I saw this company at Oracle Open World last year that says their product will convert forms to java, but I don't have any actual experience with them. 
sorry sir this page cannot be displayed 
I just clicked the link on the forum and it displayed ok.