Parameters and View Objects - JDeveloper and ADF

Using Jdev 3.2.3 on 2000 PRO
Oracle 8.1.7 on Unix
I have read that the BC4J View Objects can be constructed to
take parameters. Could someone post an example that describes
the View Object with parameter and the JSP page that allows the
developer to pass the parameter in to the datasource(I think)
and display the filtered set of rows.


Upload problems with UIX

Im trying to implement an upload function employing a LONG RAW column inside a DB Oracle 8.0.5 (I cant use Oracle 9i and interMedia) with the JDeveloper preview. To accomplish this function Ive written an update UIX page following the sample code as in the Uploading media content into interMedia section of the UIX Developer's Guide chapter 17 (Ive used the manual mode). Ive also changed my web.xml descriptor adding all required properties as reported in the above-mentioned help guide. As result, the page seems to upload correctly, without giving errors and spending a lot of time to complete the upload for very large files (hundreds of MB), but when Im checking the data stored on the db, Im astonished verifying that, for every uploaded file, the content of the column its equal to the name of the view object attribute (and also equal to the name of html parameter used in the form) with the ASCII 00 (null) value instead of the last character of the attribute name. Is there a bug in the class (assuming that is the correct FileUploadManager also with a non-interMedia DB)? Or its a problem due to the column datatype?
Ive also recognized that the <media> UIX tag for multimedia content showing doesnt work at all.
The interMedia UIX do not support LONG RAW data - you'll need to use the interMedia object types if you are using the intermedia UIX elements.

UpperCase Convert Function

Can anybody tell me how to write a function to convert inputtextbox data information to uppercase before save to the oracle 10g database?
My working environment is JSF, ADF BC.
I am new to jdeveloper and this is my first project. I am not able to find document related to writing function to uppercase.
I greatly appreciate your help in this matter. 
Go to the set method for your item in your entity object file. (for example the setEname).
And in the first row of that item write something like data=data.toUpperCase();
You are using a Java built in method for a String variable to do this before it gets sent to the DB. 
A Converter would also works.

Is there a way to view call parameters and local variables in the debugger?

In a previous version of JDeveloper, I was able to view call parameters of ANY Java Class within the Debugger.. even if I did not build the jar file that contains the class I am debugging.. it would still show all local variables and call parameters (even if giving them different names than what is shown in the source)..
I don't seem to be able to do this anymore with the latest JDeveloper (I have 11g preview).. his this ability been removed from Jdeveloper?? If so that really stinks.. it makes it near impossible to see what is happening and why my program is crashing!

ADF issue on weblogic

Hi All,
I deplyed the ADF application on weblogic92, but when I tried to render the CLOB object on to the UI page I do not see the CLOB object instead I see
the following
instead of xml text.
Any pointers ???????????????????????????? 
I'm not sure that this will solve it, but it is worth a try.
Assuming you are using ADF BC and the Oracle data type mapping
Locate the setupadf.cmd/ file that was created by the ADF Installer in your domain home directory.
Remark the line
set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;..\..\..\weblogic92\ADF\jlib\bc4jdomgnrc.jar
and add the following line instead
set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;..\..\..\weblogic92\ADF\lib\bc4jdomorcl.jar
This will make sure you are using the Oracle specific types and not the generic JDBC types. 
No it did not work....Any workaround ?? 
I tried using classes12.jar also but no output. Is it a bug with ADF ??

Using ExecuteWithParams on a MySQL database

Technically, when using an Oracle database, we cam simply use Where Salary = :param to pass the value of a parameter to a query.
however, when using the Where Salary = :param on a MySQL database, it throws a error:
SQL Query Error Message: You have an error in your sql syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to0 use near ':param) QRSLT where 1=2' at line 28
is there a way around this or does Jdev has a limitation on this?
You need to give more information when posting to this forum. Which JDev version, which technology stack?
Presumably you're using JDev 11g ADF BC View Objects to form the query. On the query page (open the VO -> Query -> Pencil/Edit Button). Note the binding style option which defaults to Oracle Named. You can change this style to the equivalent JDBC positional, which I'm guessing is inline with what MySQL requires.
Every DB has its own syntax so, in mysql db binding variable will not as oracle db.
I remember that when you use mysql you should first set the BindingStyle="JDBC Positional" in your view object (Instead of BindingStyle="OracleName").
and I think you should not write the binding variable name in the sql statement
try ---> Where Salary = ?
or ----> where Salary=:?
I didn't remember exactly which one is correct because I didn't use mysql for a long time.
Sameh Nassar 
hi all,
i've resolved this using declarative mode.. btw, im using jdev 11g r1. :)